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Some Useful Tips For Fashion,Beauty,Accessories etc

by Saarthak Thakur on July 04, 2014

We present to you some of the best ways to look slimmer in the type of clothes you can now wear.The best part is these Indian clothes when worn in the correct way enhances your curves and make you look slimmer. Experts state that if you wear certain styles, colours and types of clothes, you can look slim and above all look your best too. When it comes to women and fashion,they want to look their best in everything they wear. Today, women do not mind spending extra bucks in buying fashionable Indian outfits just to look outstanding and the best Indian clothes are known for their colours, fabric,
beads, sequins and the heavy work. There are some Indian women who claim to say that some of the traditional Indian clothes makes them look 10 to 20 pounds lighter. The only secret behind lies only if you know how to dress to look slim. One of themain things you need to keep in mind is to first decide as to what type of dress you want to wear, whether a salwar or a saree. For, a lot of your efforts depend on your usual couture. Here are some fashion tips for women who want to look slim
and beautiful in Indian clothes.


Wear slightly loose kurtas which are not body fitted. They should also not be of any clingy material. The length of the kurta should be in such a way that your hips are well covered. The top length should be below your tummy and covering the hips. This will surely make you look thin!



If you want to look thin in Indian clothes, you need to wear narrow salwars. They should not be too loose. The perfect fit is necessary to make you look beautiful.



If you have broad shoulders, avoid wearing puffed sleeves. If you have fat arms and cannot wear sleeveless, wear sleeves which are 5 inches in length. This will hide the flab on your arms and make it look thin. Three Quarter sleeves will also make you look thin.



The design of your clothes is very important when it comes to looking thin in Indian clothes. The very first thing you should do is to avoid horizontal stripes. These patterns will make even a slim person look fat. You should opt for stripes which run vertically, as they provide an illusion of giving the body a taller and slimmer silhouette.



If you want to look thin in Indian clothes, one of the ways you can do so is by accessorising it. Sleek bangles or a bracelet watch will make your arms look thinner by creating space around your wrist.



Leave your hair open and set it on the back. This always makes you look more youthful and has a slimming effect on the heavy face.



Footwear is the most important accessory you need to add in order to look thin. The kind of footwear you wear elongates or shortens one's legs. Heels work great for all women, even tall ones as it gives the illusion of thin and tall toned legs. It even boosts your height and hides the flaws of your body.



Do not apply makeup which is bright and loud. If you have a darker skin tone, apply light makeup and prefer nude glossy lips.. Wheatish skin tones can opt for bright lip colours like cherry.


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